Tech Lighting 700TDHTCP40W LEDHI930 Hutch 13 inch LED 1 Light Large Pendant in Matte White $532.00 The Hutch LED pendant light from Tech Lighting features clean modern lines that clearly harmonize with the soft matte and raw aluminum finishes available in this scaled up stamped metal pendant light. To ensure proper light scaling for both residential lighting applications such as kitchen island lighting or dining room lighting, as well as commercial lighting applications such as hospitality lighting or hallway lighting, the Hutch pendant light includes the choice of high output and low output LED modules. To ensure maximum flexibility, 25 degrees and 40 degrees beam spread options, 60 inch of variable length rigid stems and universal ELV and 0 10v dimming capability are included as standard features. 1 Light Large Pendant in Matte White

Adera 1 Wall Bath. Basis 1 Wall Bath. Arris 1 Light Wall Bath.

Hutch Ceiling.

Cirque Ceiling.

Hutch Ceiling Kata Ceiling 1 Ceiling 1 Ceiling 1 Ceiling.

Boxie Ceiling.

Kata Ceiling.

Gambit Chandelier. Boreal Wall. Hutch Ceiling Kata Ceiling 1 Ceiling 1 Ceiling.

Akova Wall.

Gambit Light Chandelier. Chandelier.

Gambit 1 Light Chandelier Tech Lighting 700tdkielpwcw Cf Kiev 10 Inch 1 Light Mini Pendant In White.

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